Top Strategies for Successful Growth Marketing Experiments: A Comprehensive Guide

Take a Funnel Approach to Growth

If you’re chasing growth Don’t Be A Hamster! on its wheel spinning endlessly. Instead, grab a
hold of your funnel! Uh-huh, you read it right, not the carnival kind dripping with sugar and
regret, but your very own marketing funnel!

Brainstorming Experiment Ideas

Brainstorming isn’t just a storm in your brain. It’s the downpour of ideas that could make your business
thrive. “Ask more whys than a toddler”, “Act like a detective on a late-night crime show”. Get creative.
Involve your team… just don’t involve naps. Zzz….

Prioritizing Experiments

Similar to selecting what to binge-watch next, prioritizing is about making the tough choices.

  • Impact: Will this shift the needle?
  • Confidence: Do we believe in the idea?
  • Ease: Is it doable within resources?

But remember, unlike your serial thrillers, these choices can lead to your company’s growth story!

A/B Testing: Unleash the Power

A/B testing is like trying on jeans. Sure, they both might be denim, but one definitely makes your
conversion rates look better. Test everything – landing pages, emails, call to action!

Analytics isn’t just a hard word

Analytics. Swap your morning newspaper with it. Stare at it. Study it. It’s not
just colorful charts and hard names. It is your roadmap to understanding customer behavior.

Learn and Iterate

What’s better than success? Learning from failures. Did the test tank? Well, join the
club! Embrace it. Learn from it. Tweak it. This isn’t about one homerun. It’s an ongoing game of
becoming a better batter.

Scaling Successful Experiments

Found a goose that laid the golden egg? Awesome! Now, madly showcase the egg. In other words, take
what worked and let it fly across other marketing channels. Scale it! But don’t forget to
routinely monitor the process.

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There you have it. Growth Marketing isn’t about following a well-trodden path, it’s about creating your track. So, don your specks, get your hands dirty, and set the stage for some awesome experiments. Let’s grow together!

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